The tuition fee for our core Arabic language courses is JOD 1420 (USD 2000) per summer session or fall/spring term. Our colloquial evening courses are JOD 300 (USD 423) per eight-week term. 

Discounts are available for students who wish to enroll in more than one term. Below is our discounted fee structure for a full year:

Term 1: $2,000
Term 2: $1,900 (5% discount)
Term 3: $1,800 (10% discount)
Term 4: $1,700 (15% discount)

Additionally, we award a limited number of partial scholarships each term. Scholarship requests are evaluated on the basis of merit and need, as demonstrated in the application form. If you are currently the recipient of any scholarships or financial aid, we ask that you submit an official letter indicating that (e.g. from your university's financial aid office), as part of our evaluation process.

Students who discontinue their studies within the first week of enrollment are responsible for 50% of tuition and fees. Students who discontinue their enrollment after the first week are responsible for 100% of tuition and fees.

Special rates for groups from universities, embassies and other organizations can be discussed directly with Sijal.