Program Overview
  • Intensive ten-week program equivalent to one full academic year; split into two five-week sessions
  • Immersion experience abroad rich with cultural activities, film screenings, lectures and educational trips around Jordan

  • Open to all qualified students (traditional and non-traditional)

  • Meets FLAS fellowship requirements

Set in the lively and historic neighborhood of Jabal Amman, the Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture offers students the opportunity to study for the summer in a rich immersive environment. Our summer program fully incorporates Arab cultures into the curriculum with lectures, film screenings, cultural activities, language partnerships and educational trips around Jordan.

Furthermore, our communicative, proficiency-based curriculum integrates Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine dialect to get students interacting as native speakers do, even from the earliest proficiency levels. Based on the methodology of the popular Al-Kitaab textbook series, students systematically practice all four linguistic skills in their core classes and can seamlessly transition to our coursework from that of their home institutions. For more information on what successful students will be able to achieve at each course level, please visit the following link.

Building on our belief that languages are not learned solely through textbooks, we offer content courses based on a variety of authentic materials at all levels as part of our core summer curriculum. Beginner level students enroll in an introductory course to Jordanian culture, where students are taught the fundamentals of Colloquial Jordanian Arabic through different thematic units relevant to daily life in Amman. Students at the Intermediate and Advanced levels are given the choice for the content course taught in Arabic that best suits their interests and linguistic needs. Course offerings for the Summer 2018 sessions include:

An Arabic Kitchen: Cooking around the Arab World

Divine Geometry: An Introduction to Islamic Calligraphy and Arts

The Syrian Crisis: Its Formation, Current Status and What Lies Ahead

Contemporary Arabic Literature and Poetry: A Seminar

Palestine and the Palestinians: A Survey of Modern Palestinian History and Voices

Jordanian Society and Culture: Colloquial Jordanian Arabic through the Media

Our program and teaching staff are committed to offering a rigorous academic and intellectual environment that challenges students to engage both linguistically and culturally. For every challenge, however, we are there to offer support and guidance along the way. With daily open tutoring and weekly office hours, Sijal hosts a warm and friendly environment where students and teachers alike form a close and encouraging community.

Program Highlights:

  • Intensive ten-week summer program equivalent to one full academic year; split into two five-week sessions, with option to enroll in one or both sessions

  • Competitive cost of attendance

  • Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced coursework integrating instruction in MSA and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic

  • Content courses based on authentic materials offered at all proficiency levels as part of the core curriculum

  • Communicative teaching methodology that emphasizes all four language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening

  • 21 contact hours per week, for a total of 105 hours per session (five weeks) and 210 hours for both sessions (ten weeks)

  • Daily open tutoring available for additional review or homework assistance

  • A dynamic calendar of events comprising lectures, film screenings and other events related to the history, politics and culture of the Arab world  

  • Weekly trips around Jordan aimed at exploring the country’s rich natural and human heritage

  • Professional, experienced and supportive teaching staff trained in the latest Arabic language pedagogy

The tuition fee is 2,000 USD (1,420 JOD) per summer session and 3,900 USD (2,770 JOD) for both sessions. This does not include travel, trips, housing or other living expenses.

Our Summer Institute is eligible for FLAS funding. We encourage students to seek scholarship opportunities through their home institutions and are happy to provide any documentation necessary to fulfill their funding requirements.

Additionally, we award a limited number of partial scholarships each term. Scholarship requests are evaluated on the basis of merit and need, as demonstrated in the application form. If you are currently the recipient of any scholarships or financial aid, we ask that you submit an official letter indicating that (e.g. from your university's financial aid office), as part of our evaluation process.
We provide official transcripts at the end of each term and can furnish universities with documentation to assist in obtaining academic credit for coursework completed at Sijal. Most universities award six academic credits per summer session. The Sijal Summer Institute meets the requirements for FLAS funding and we have hosted students in the past with scholarships from Boren, Fulbright, FLAS and other programs.
The Sijal Summer Institute is open to students of Arabic at all levels, whether currently enrolled at university or are working professionals. Given the intensive, immersive nature of the program, students attending should expect to make a serious commitment to learning Arabic during their time at Sijal. While full-time work is not possible, some students do engage in part-time internship or volunteer opportunities, and which we can gladly help students identify in Amman.

Application Instructions:
Please use our application form to apply to either or both of the summer sessions.

In completing the application, please consider the following:
  • CVs and transcripts should be submitted in PDF form
  • Unofficial transcripts are accepted
  • You cannot save an application once it has been started, so please give yourself ample time to complete the application

Upon Admission:
Admitted students should send confirmation of enrollment and make a deposit in order to reserve a space at the Sijal Summer Institute.
Students can choose from a range of housing options. Sijal has an agreement with the Sydney Hotel, which we recommend for summer students. The Sydney Hotel is approximately a ten-minute walk from Sijal, with very reasonable, discounted prices for the duration of our summer courses. Single, double and multi-bed rooms are all available, breakfast is included, and Wi-Fi is free throughout the hotel. The discounted monthly rates for Sijal students are as follows:

Bed in a mixed dorm (6 beds) with shared bathroom180 JD
Bed in a mixed dorm (6 beds) with private bathroom240 JD
Double room with private bathroom280 JD per person
Single room with private bathroom480 JD

Additionally, individual and shared apartments are readily available near Sijal and across Amman at competitive rates. We also have a limited number of homestay families with whom we are happy to place students as a form of independent housing. Students will be provided with our housing guide and support in finding accommodation prior to their arrival, whether it be at the Sydney, in an apartment or with a homestay family. 
  • We are currently accepting applications for the 2018 Summer Program
  • Orientation will take place June 2, 2018. For students enrolling solely in the second session, orientation will take place on July 14, 2018
  • Placement tests will be administered during the Orientation.
  • Classes run from June 3 - August 16, 2018 (Eid al-Fitr break June 17 - 21, 2018)
The 2018 Admission and Program Dates are as follows:

April 1Early application deadline
April 12Notification of early admission
April 22Confirmation of attendance and enrollment deposit due for early applicants
May 20Final application deadline
May 24Notifications of final admissions
May 27Confirmation of attendance and enrollment deposit due for final applicants

June 2First Session Orientation, Tuition payments due for all students
June 3Classes Begin
June 5Last day to withdraw for a partial refund
June 17-21Eid al-Fitr Holiday
July 12Final Exams for first session
July 14Second Session Orientation, Tuition payments due for all students registered in the second session
July 15Second Session Classes Begin
August 16Summer program ends
August 31Transcripts available